* Blue Safari Tour ( Full Day ) It is a journey that starts early in the morning from Fumba village in Southwest Unguja where you will board a cultural boat with other visitors to see the beauty of the Minai Bay reserve , this trip includes swimming parts of the beaches islands and snorkel on beatfull coral reefs . Safari Blue is a day trip and includes the use of swimming equipment , ice soda , mineral water , fruit and beer and also Zanzibari lunch that includes fried fish , shrimp and calamari . Coffee is also offered , When the tide rises you will also explore the natural lake found on the island of Kwale , this lagoon is surrounded by mangrove forest .

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A Historical city,… It is a beautiful introduction to Zanzibar that gives you a sense of cultural and natural heritage. One gets to see history in the Stone Town walk. Strange architecture, narrow alleys, sand and stone antique houses built some of which are over 250 years old with Arabic and Indian wooden doors. There is also a major City Market (Darajani Bazar) that opened in 1904, where tropical fruits, vegetables, spices, meat and raw fish as well as various businesses can be seen. You can also visit the Anglican Church of Christ built by Bishop Steers in 1873 during the years when slaves were auctioned off. Other attractions on this tour are to visit »Sultan’s Palace (Now Museum) – Built in the late 1890s for members of the Royal Sultan’s family. House of Wonders Built in 1883 as the Royal Palace. Also there is a beautiful garden where you can spend the evening watching the sunset with locally foods, like Zanzibar pizza and grilled seafood. We have good guiders who can find the most comprehensive history in different languages such as, ENGLISH, FRENCH, ITALY, POLISH, CHECK REPUBLIC, SPANISH and so on…

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Visit the Prison Island … Prison Island or in other words Changuu Island is one of the three most visible islands from Stone town , it takes about 35 minutes to get there by wooden boat . A prison on the island was built in 1893 , which later served as the Quarantine Hospital … The interesting part of the island is to see the giant tortoises brought to the island from Seychelles by Sultan Said in the 1820s along with peacocks . You can also swim , snorkel , diving as well as relax at the blue ocen and white beach . You can also include it in your stone town trip or Nakupenda Sand bank .. You will get the deep history from you gaider ..  Get in touch with us for the booking …

The Jozani Forest is located south – east of Zanzibar City with an area of approximately 1,500 hectares , the only remaining forest on the island of Unguja where in the past you could find some wildlife as antelope . It is currently home to the Colobus Red Monkey and the Blue Sykes Monkey . The Red Colobus monkey is one of the most endangered and rare species on the planet . Red Colobus monkeys are found only in this forest in the world and are very friendly . Other interesting features in this forest include lush tropical forests , mangrove forests , salt marshes and groundwater , although these may require longer trips to reach .

You may also see other animals as bushbaby but these mostly occur at night ..

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