“Taxi In Zanzibar is a very convenient and easy Taxi Uber that lets the guests or tourist to get what they need on time and more easily one hundred percent. We acept EURO €, DOLLARS $, POUNDS £, TZS… Welcome and enjoy your transfers…

Professional Drivers

Our team, we have experienced drivers who will assure your safety throughout travelling.


Affordability, our prices are reasonable, take advantage of our fixed rate price per entire trip, we did not charge per person rates


Stay with us, take a taxi, tours and safaries with us to offer you free transfer or discount up to 50%  percent,. Our goal is to make you enjoy your memorable vacation and holiday…..

Free waiting time

We allow free waiting time of 60 minutes at airports, all other locations include a free 15 minutes waiting time.

To/From Airport=Stone Town=

$ or €10
  • Time & distance:= 7/8km 20mints
  • Number of Pax= 01 - 05
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To/From Airport, Ferry Or Stone Town to=

$ or €30 - 35
  • Time & distance:= 60/ 65 KM/ 01:30mnts
  • Number of Pax= 01-05
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From Beach to Beach=

$ or €50 - 45
  • *Time & distance= 90 KM/ 110 KM = 1:45 hours up to 2:00 hrs.
  • Number of Pax= 01-05
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